Intergenerational Catechesis

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“Parents are the primary educators of the faith…The family is defined as a ‘domestic church’…Indeed in the same way as the Church, the family ‘is a place in which the Gospel is transmitted and from which it extends.’” – GDC 255


Intergenerational Catechesis (also referred to as whole-community catechesis or Generations of Faith) is a catechetical approach that gathers all ages together for learning and sharing.

This approach provides an integrated and comprehensive approach to faith formation that transforms the parish community into a community of learning by offering lifelong faith formation centered in the events of church life. It embraces all ages and generations, and promotes faith growth at home, through parish preparation programs and through participation in church life.

Many publishers and organization offer resources for Intergenerational Catechesis including:

  1. Fashioning Faith / Center for Ministry Development
  2. Sadlier -
  3. Our Sunday Visitor -
  4. Twenty-Third Publications -

Our Diocesan Library and Media Center also has many resources on Intergenerational Catechesis:

click for Resource list for Intergenerational Catechesis

The following parishes offer Intergenerational Catechesis as their primary form of faith formation:

  1. St. Jude, Columbiana – Dr. Thom Brozich, DRE
  2. St. Paul the Apostle, New Middletown – Al Pompeo, DRE
  3. St. Joan of Arc, Streetsboro – Rick Squier, DRE
  4. St. Luke, Boardman – Sr. Mildred Ruffing, Pastoral Associate
  5. St. Michael, Canfield - Nicky Uerling, Pastoral Minister for Catechesis
  6. St. Patrick, Youngstown – Marcy Fessler, DFF
  7. St. Thomas the Apostle, Vienna – Virginia Crumb, DRE