Catholic Charities
Name Position Phone
Kelley, Nikole Fundraising Specialist, Catholic Charities 330-744-8451 Ext.323
Hokky, Naomi Supervising Attorney, Catholic Charities Legal Immigration Services 330-297-7250
Hrbolich, Rachel Associate Director, Catholic Charities Social Services 330-744-8451 Ext.328
Lucarelli, Jennifer Secretary, Office of Social Services 330-744-8451 Ext.316
Simmons, Diane Appeals Specialist, Catholic Charities 330-744-8451 Ext.321
Yovich, Nola Staff Accountant, Catholic Charities 330-744-8451 Ext.365
Ruano, Efrain Coordinator, Pastoral Care for Migrants and Refugees, Catholic Charities 330-744-8451 Ext.317
Curry, Adrienne Social Action Director 330-744-8451 Ext.327
Rodriguez, Rev. Ernesto Diocesan Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry 330-744-8451 Ext.375