Name  Position Phone
Balash, Reverend Michael Director, Office of Worship 330-744-8451 Ext.282
Berry, Robert Business Manager, Catholic Exponent 330-744-5251 Ext.309
Bowman, Renae Secretary, Office of Religious Education 330-744-8451 Ext.297
Brienz, Rev. Edward Director, Office of Missions/Evangelization 330-744-8451 Ext.277
Burgess, David Offset Operator and Religious Education Assistant 330-744-8451 Ext.270
Butch, Pauli Secretary to the Bishop 330-744-8451 Ext.232
Calabro, Brother Dominic Production Assistant, CTNY 330-533-2243
Candidi, Sr. Joyce Director, Office of Vowed Religious 330-744-8451 Ext.238
Cariglio J.C.L., Rev. Msgr. Michael Tribunal Judge, Office of Canonical Services 330-744-8451 Ext.240
Case, Cindee Director, Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry 330-744-8451 Ext.280
Casey, Delphine Victim Assistance Coordinator 330-744-8451 Ext.239
Castner, Frank Advertising Account Executive, Catholic Exponent 330-744-5251 Ext.311
Celuch J.C.L., Rev. Martin Adjutant Judicial Vicar, Office of Canonical Services 330-744-8451 Ext.250
Crofford, Lori Director of Instructional Technology and Professional Development 330-744-8451 Ext.339
Curry, Adrienne Social Action Director 330-744-8451 Ext.327
D'Apolito, Brenda Secretary, Office of Financial Services 330-744-8451 Ext.265
Deane, Geri Secretary to the Offices of Clergy Services, Vocations 330-744-8451 Ext.329
DiMarzio, Bernice Receptionist 330-744-8451 Ext.221
Donchess, Elaine Secretary, Office of Lay Ministry Formation 330-744-8451 Ext.271
Fiala, Mary Superintendent 330-744-8451 Ext.291
Fioramonti, Mary Secretary, Office of the Vicar General 330-744-8451 Ext.225
Gaeta, Rev. Bernard Tribunal Advocate, Office of Canonical Services 330-744-8451 Ext.241
Gavalier, Robert General Manager, CTNY 330-533-2243
Gleason, Michael Campus Minister - Stark State College of Technology 330-244-3282
Greco, Sandra Office Manager, Office of Religious Education 330-744-8451 Ext.302
Hartman, Lani Administrative Assistant to Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Accreditation and Personnel 330-744-8451 Ext.286
Hlavac, Carla Consultant, Office of Religious Education 330-744-8451 Ext.296
Hokky, Naomi Supervising Attorney, Catholic Charities Legal Immigration Services 330-297-7250
Hrbolich, Rachel Associate Director, Catholic Charities Social Services 330-744-8451 Ext.328
Jerek, Rev. John Vicar for Clergy and Religious Services 330-744-8451 Ext.255
Jickess, Christine Associate Director, Office of Financial Services 330-744-8451 Ext.266
Kelley, Nikole Fundraising Specialist, Catholic Charities 330-744-8451 Ext.323
Kelly, Patrick Chief Financial Officer 330-744-8451 Ext.262
Kidd, Vicki Secretary, Office of Canonical Services & Advocate and Auditor, Tribunal 330-744-8451 Ext.244
Kocjancic, Deacon Michael Associate Director, Permanent Diaconate Program 330-744-8451 Ext.369
Korda, Rev. James Pastoral Director, CTNY 330-533-2243
Kulics, Phyllis Secretary, Office of Canonical Services & Advocate and Auditor, Tribunal 330-744-8451 Ext.245
Kuras, Joseph Director of Property Management 330-744-8451 Ext.294
Lipkovich, Susan Secretary, Office of Worship 330-744-8451 Ext.304
Lucarelli, Jennifer Secretary, Office of Social Services 330-744-8451 Ext.316
Luoni, Rev. Christopher Vocation Director 330-744-8451 Ext.368
Mason, Karen Advertising Coordinator, Catholic Exponent 330-744-5251 Ext.305
McCulloh, Tom Mailroom Supervisor 330-744-8451 Ext.254
McMahon, Peggy Development and Stewardship Coordinator 330-744-8451 Ext.324
Murry, Bishop George Bishop of the Diocese of Youngstown 330-744-8451 Ext.232
Nichols, Diane Secretary, Offices of Vowed Religious, Continuing Education of Priests and Parish Plan Implementation 330-744-8451 Ext.237
Orbin, Marijo Software Applications Coordinator 330-744-8451 Ext.347
Palombo, Pat Director, Office of Development / Stewardship 330-744-8451 Ext.325
Paulin, Trish Financial Accountant 330-744-8451 Ext.253
Pecchia, Matthew Director, Information Technology 330-744-8451 Ext.268
Polando J.C.L., Rev. Msgr. Peter Judicial Vicar and Director, Office of Canonical Services 330-744-8451 Ext.249
Rair, Randy Assistant Superintendent of Government Programs, Athletics, and Institutional Advancement 330-744-8451 Ext.285
Rodriguez, Rev. Ernesto Diocesan Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry 330-744-8451 Ext.375
Roebke, Carmen Director, Office of Campus Ministry 330-678-0240
Rogich, Barb Office Manager, Office of Canonical Services & Advocate and Auditor, Tribunal 330-744-8451 Ext.251
Ruano, Efrain Coordinator, Pastoral Care for Migrants and Refugees, Catholic Charities 330-744-8451 Ext.317
Schafer, Peter Director, Office of Lay Ministry and Leadership Formation 330-744-8451 Ext.289
Schmidt, David Director of the Office of Pro-Life, Marriage and Family Life 330-744-8451 Ext.272
Sciubba, Robalyne Secretary to The Chancellor and Permanent Diaconate 330-744-8451 Ext.284
Sciubba, Tom Maintenance Technician 330-744-8451 Ext.333
Scudier, Laura Budget Analyst, Financial Services 330-744-8451 Ext.279
Sheehan, Pete Editor/General Manager - Catholic Exponent 330-744-5251 Ext.308
Siffrin, Msgr. Robert Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia 330-744-8451 Ext.230
Simmons, Diane Appeals Specialist, Catholic Charities 330-744-8451 Ext.321
Sweetko, Annetta Production Co-Coordinator, Catholic Exponent 330-744-5251 Ext.312
Tedde, Linda Secretary, Office of Canonical Services & Advocate and Auditor, Notary, Tribunal 330-744-8451 Ext.252
Terlecki, Michael Financial Accountant 330-744-8451 Ext.260
Vlosich, Carole Circulation Secretary, Catholic Exponent 330-744-5251 Ext.314
Vocature, Rose Employee Benefits Coordinator 330-744-8451 Ext.263
Walko, Barbara Director, Office of Religious Education 330-744-8451 Ext.301
Wells, Therese Secretary, Office of Religious Education 330-744-8451 Ext.295
Wherlin, Rev. Leo Advisor - Hiram College Campus Ministry 330-527-4105
Wilms, Darlene Help Desk/Data Entry Specialist, Information Technology 330-744-8451 Ext.269
Yakimoff, Regina Receptionist, Office of Canonical Services and Notary, Tribunal 330-744-8451 Ext.243
Yovich, Nola Staff Accountant, Catholic Charities 330-744-8451 Ext.365
Zuraw, Msgr. John Chancellor, Safe Environment Coordinator, Director of Permanent Diaconate 330-744-8451 Ext.292