Financial Services
Name  Position Phone
D'Apolito, Brenda Secretary, Office of Financial Services 330-744-8451 Ext.265
Jickess, Christine Associate Director, Office of Financial Services 330-744-8451 Ext.266
Kelly, Patrick Chief Financial Officer 330-744-8451 Ext.262
McCulloh, Tom Mailroom Supervisor 330-744-8451 Ext.254
Orbin, Marijo Software Applications Coordinator 330-744-8451 Ext.347
Paulin, Trish Financial Accountant 330-744-8451 Ext.253
Pecchia, Matthew Director, Information Technology 330-744-8451 Ext.268
Scudier, Laura Budget Analyst, Financial Services 330-744-8451 Ext.279
Terlecki, Michael Financial Accountant 330-744-8451 Ext.260
Vocature, Rose Employee Benefits Coordinator 330-744-8451 Ext.263
Wilms, Darlene Help Desk/Data Entry Specialist, Information Technology 330-744-8451 Ext.269