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The 75th Anniversary Minute of the Diocese of Youngstown

75th Anniversary Minute General

75th Anniversary Minute General
Fourth Annual Nostra Aetate Lecture Series on the Virtual Reality Tour of the Holocaust Museum
100th Anniversary of St  Edward Parish Youngstown, Ohio October 14, 2017

Lutheran Catholic Commemoration October 29, 2017
Spotlight Islam Dr  Gabriel Said Reynolds
Spotlight Willow and Sophia Women Centers Joanne Feeney and Carrie Pennington

Spotlight John Chrysostom Society Fr  Dan Rohan, Rich Mattiussi, Socrates Kolitsos, Ray Nakely
Spotlight Parish Leaders Pete Schafer, Patti Condello, Deacon Gregory Wood
Spotlight Non Violence Bishop John Michael Botean

Spotlight Barb Zorn and Dan Laginya Music and Worship
Spotlight Gina Pastella Beatitude House
Spotlight Mayor John McNally

Spotlight Fr  David Bridling The Missions
Spotlight Guy Vogrin and Dave Schmidt Marriage and Divorce
Spotlight Bishop Abraham Allende Lutheran Catholic Dialogue 2