Setting the Record Straight About the Brother Baker Case
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 14:43

Setting the Record Straight About the Brother Baker Case

            This past week, reports on television and in some newspapers stated that additional alleged victims of Brother Stephen Baker have

come forward. In response to those stories, Brian Corbin, spokesperson for the Diocese of Youngstown, made the following points:        

            Outside of the original 11, no one has contacted the Diocese of Youngstown, John F. Kennedy School or the Franciscans with an allegation that they were abused at JFK by Brother Stephen Baker.

            Bishop George V. Murry, S.J., sent a letter to approximately 1,800 alumni of JFK apologizing for Brother Baker’s behavior. Within the letter was clear contact information for the Diocese and the Franciscans. No one has utilized it.

            As of this date, no one has come forward with a credible allegation of sexual abuse by a present or former faculty member, staff member or coach at JFK. Consequently, there have been no firings, dismissals or removals of any person for reasons of child abuse from JFK.

            The Diocese of Youngstown has no knowledge of the actions of Brother Baker in Johnstown, PA, or anywhere outside Youngstown.

            In the Bishop’s letter of January 31, 2013, the Diocese of Youngstown clearly accepted moral responsibility for the behavior of Brother Baker and already has taken steps to assist victims. Legal responsibility for Brother Baker’s behavior rests with the Franciscans.

            All current faculty and staff at JFK who worked with Brother Baker have been interviewed. These faculty and staff members reported that they had no knowledge of any inappropriate behavior on the part of Brother Baker.

            The Diocese of Youngstown is in the process of contacting former faculty and staff members from JFK who worked with Brother Baker to interview them about their knowledge.

            Bishop Murry already has disclosed all of the information that the Diocese of Youngstown has on the Brother Baker case. There were no credible allegations of sexual abuse against other JFK faculty and staff.