Canonical Services

The Judicial Vicar is the Executive Director of the Department of Canonical Services. The Judicial Vicar must be a canon lawyer. This department is staffed by five members (four are degreed in Canon Law). The staff includes judges, defenders of the bond, advocates, and the promoter of justice. Support staff includes an office manager, notaries and secretaries.

The services of this department include: matrimonial permissions and dispensations, declarations of matrimonial invalidity and conciliation services. In addition, this department assists priests and deacons in their applications for dispensations from the obligations of Holy Orders from the Holy See.

Canonical Documents 
(All Documents must be signed/submitted by Priest, Deacon or
  Pastoral Minister) 

Pre-Marital Documents

Marriage of Two Latin Rite Catholics English Spanish
Proof of Freedom to Marry English Spanish
Marriage of Latin Rite Catholic and Non-Catholic English Spanish
Marriage of Mixed Rites, Both Catholic English Spanish
Marriage of Latin Rite/Eastern Rite Catholic and Other English Spanish

Ritual Churches Handout

Petitions for Declaration of Invalidity
Formal Annulment
Favor of the Faith
Lack of Form
Pauline Privilege
Brochure For Annulment Petitions                 English Spanish

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