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The Office of Religious Education of the Diocese of Youngstown is committed to catechesis, a ministry of the Word essential in the process of evangelization, which matures initial conversion into a living, conscious, and fruitful confession of faith.

The principal goal is the catechesis of adults, the primary form of catechesis to which all other forms are oriented. This catechesis is a lifelong process of formation in faith, hope and charity that shapes the mind, touches the heart, and leads persons to embrace Christ fully and completely. The Office strives primarily to enable adults to fulfill their responsibility and privilege to share this faith with other adults, youth, and children..

Entrusted with catechesis for the Diocesan Church by the Bishop of Youngstown, we minister, in cooperation with other diocesan offices and with the support of the Diocesan Council for Catechesis, to promote the mission of the Roman Catholic Church.

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